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Stalingrad. The Infernal Cauldron 1942-1943

Stalingrad. The Infernal Cauldron 1942-1943
Autor: Stephen Walsh
Data publikacji: 2013-06
ISBN: 9781909160583
Wydawca: Amber Books Ltd.
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 25.2 x 18.6 x 2.4 cm
Oprawa: twarda
Liczba stron: 186
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Opis produktu:

The German invasion of the Soviet Union was Hitler's biggest gamble in his quest for Lebensraum in the East—and it was at Stalingrad that his gamble failed. Stalingrad is a history of the greatest battle of World War II, a defining moment in the struggle on the Eastern Front. From conditions on the Eastern Front before the battle to the consequences of the battle for both combatants, Stalingrad is a comprehensive account of the build-up, engagement, turning points and aftermath of what became the Verdun of World War II. With authoritative text and rarely seen photographs, Stalingrad shows how the rubble-strewn city gave rise to a bitter hand-to-hand struggle between both sides, and how landmarks such as the Mamaev Kurgan Hill could change hands 17 times in a single day. With battle maps, 170 photographs and appendices, Stalingrad is a fascinating and vivid account of the battle that bled the German army dry, and turned the war in the East decisively against Germany.

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