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Hornet and Sea Hornet: De Havilland's Ultimate Piston-engined Fighter

Hornet and Sea Hornet: De Havilland's Ultimate Piston-engined Fighter
Autor: Tony Buttler, David Collins and Martin Derry
Data publikacji: 2010-01
ISBN: 9781905414123
Wydawca: Dalrymple and Verdun Publishing
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 21.8 x 28.1 cm
Oprawa: miękka
Liczba stron: 144
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Opis produktu:

Representing the apogee of piston-engine fighter development, the twin RR Merlin Hornet was one of the worlds fastest piston-engined fighter aeroplanes, which saw service with Royal Air Force and Fleet Air Arm

Designed to take the best the Luftwaffe and the Japanese could field, it instead only fired its weapons in anger in ground targets in end-of-empire conflicts like Malaya

This book contains hundreds of b&w pictures and about 10 colour pics mostly of 80 Sqn Hornets at Kai Tak, in 1955. It has some nice profiles as well, inc 4-way profiles of RR915 [Prototype], PX236 [64 Sqn], PX293, WB880, PX212 [Sea Hornet prototype, as flown by "Winkle" Brown] & VW951 [2 seater NF21]

The only depressing thing about it is the number of Hornets shown in scrapyards, fire dumps etc and the forlorn bits currently being restored by the Hornet project.

Perhaps best suited to modeller and/or Hornet fanatic, it is a fantastic tribute to a very purposeful-looking aircraft.

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