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Silently into the Midst of Things: 177 Squadron Royal Air Force in Burma, 1943-1945 - History and Personal Narratives

Silently into the Midst of Things: 177 Squadron Royal Air Force in Burma, 1943-1945 - History and Personal Narratives
Autor: Atholl Sutherland Brown
Data publikacji: 2001-05
ISBN: 9781552126639
Wydawca: CreateSpace
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 1.9 x 15.2 x 24.2 cm
Oprawa: miękka
Liczba stron: 268
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Opis produktu:

Describes the critical and dangerous operations of the twin-engined Beaufighters in interdicting the roads, railways, shipping of the Japanese invaders in Burma based on primary documents and narratives of the air and ground crews.

The men who were to become 177 Squadron RAF assembled in India in early 1943, not knowing their destination - or their fates. Soon after they were flying repeatedly by day and by night over Burma and Siam, frequently in abominable weather, destroying Japanese transportation and infrastructure, playing an important role in the eventual Allied victory. 'Silently into the midst of things' was an appropriate motto for the 177 Squadron. Equipped with twin-engined, cannon and rocket firing Bristol Beaufighters, the pilots flew just above the jungle or the plains - too low to be detected by radar - and were often unseen and unheard until the moment of attack. No wonder the Japanese called them 'Whispering Death' ... using the squadron's Operations Record Book, his own memories and those of his colleagues, Atholl Sutherland Brown has meticulously recreated the triumphs and disasters of a group of unknown heroes

The Burma theatre is perhaps unjustly overlooked by many reading about WWII most probably because of the mass of material available on the Pacific and European theatres. Fortunately, among those masses, there are gems like this book that make valuable contributions to recording the history of the forgotten theatre.

After the war the author worked as a geologist so the opening to the book is a very informative description of the topography of Burma. Coupled with the type of flying 177 Squadron did over Burma, very low and fast, and the reader gets the impression that the author is an authority on the Burmese landscape!

The book follows the history of 177 from inception to disbandment. Equipped with Bristol Beaufighters, the author and his colleagues flew ground attack sorties day and night at very low level. The author draws on his memories, the squadron operations book and the memoirs/writings of his squadron mates to paint a vivid picture of life in 177. The drawing together of these records is the most valuable service the author has done. While my only (minor) complaint about the book is the poor quality of some of the reproduced photos (understandable that the originals might be poor given the humidity etc in Burma), the writing does more than enough to paint a picture of what these men faced on operations.

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