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Chasseurs a Cheval: Tome 3: 1810-1815

Chasseurs a Cheval: Tome 3: 1810-1815 Chasseurs a Cheval: Tome 3: 1810-1815 Chasseurs a Cheval: Tome 3: 1810-1815 Chasseurs a Cheval: Tome 3: 1810-1815 Chasseurs a Cheval: Tome 3: 1810-1815
Autor: Jean-Marie Mongin, Ludovic Letrun
Data publikacji: 2013-05
ISBN: 9782352502777
Język: francuski
Wymiary: 23.8 x 19.8 x 1 cm
Oprawa: miękka
Liczba stron: 80
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Opis produktu:

This third part illustrates the last years of the Empire; dark years which will see our "Chasseurs" being gobbled up during the Russian disaster. Like a lot of regiments, the Chasseurs A Cheval were swallowed up in the Russian disaster. Phantom regiments were reformed with considerable difficulty in 1813 and 1814. During the First Restoration, 15 regiments were formed from the debris of the battles in Prussia and in France, fifteen regiments which then took part in the Belgian Campaign and its epilogue at Waterloo. King Louis VXIII dismissed these fifteen regiments on 16 July 1815, but it wasn't until the...18th that the Chasseurs a Cheval reappeared in the Royal Army!

During this period there was obviously a whole series of uniform changes, the most important of which are outlined below.

The third and final volume of the Chasseurs a Cheval, published as volume 21 of the Officers and Soldiers series of Histoire & Collections, covers the period from 1810 to 1815. This work is rendered by Ludovic Letrun and Jean-Marie Mongin and translated into English by Alan McKay. As in all the books of this series, the illustrations are done by computer graphics. The illustrations of all three volumes of the Chasseurs a Cheval were done by Jean-Marie Mongin. My personal preference would be Andre Jouineau, but the illustrations in this book are still beautiful. The English translation by Alan McKay has greatly improved and is much better than his earlier works in this series.

The book is 84 pages long with pagination starting from the book cover and ending on the back cover. The chapters are organized as follows: 1. The Chasseurs a Cheval, 1809-1815 (The 1810-12 model Shako' The "Shako Rouleau"; The Helmet; The 1812 Regulation Forage Cap; The Habit-Veste or "a la Kinski" Coat; The 1812 Habit-Veste (Coat); The equipment; The Harness; The Trumpeters and the Musicians); 2. The Chasseurs a Cheval Campaigns 1805-1815 (from the 1st to 31st regiments). Bibliography (with 13 entries) is listed on page 82. Illustrations of all 31 regiments are shown with page 79 showing the distinctive colors of all the regiments. A detailed chart of facing, piping and turnback colors of each of the regiments is listed on page 6. Also of note are the plates on page 46 showing the different style and colors of pompons for different squadrons and companies and the plates on pages 81 and 83 showing the 1812 model, the 1815 standard and the standard during the first restoration.

This book completes the entire 3-volume series of the Chasseurs a Cheval and a must for any wargamer who intends to build and paint a late Napoleonic light cavalry brigade.

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