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Guns of the Wild West: Firearms of the American Frontier, 1849-1917 : The Handguns, Longarms and Shotguns of the Gold Rush, the American Civil War

Guns of the Wild West: Firearms of the American Frontier, 1849-1917 : The Handguns, Longarms and Shotguns of the Gold Rush, the American Civil War
Autor: George Markham
Data publikacji: 1993-10
ISBN: 9781854091970
Wydawca: Weidenfeld & Nicolson
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 1.3 x 22.2 x 27.6 cm
Oprawa: miękka
Liczba stron: 170
Produkt chwilowo niedostępny.

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Opis produktu:

The gun - pistol or rifle, civil or military - was the law in the frontier days of America. Much legend and lore surrounds the performance of these weapons and the skill of their users and this work aims to shed new light on the diverse weaponry of this period.

John Walter, in his [1999] book The Guns that Won the West: Firearms on the American Frontier, 1848-1898, lists the [1991] book under review in his bibliography, and attributes the author as George Markham then adds his own name in parentheses. In fact, the copyright page of Guns of the Wild West includes the line: "Edited and designed by John Walter".

The book was published as part of a series. The other books (which I haven't seen) are: Guns of the Elite; Guns of the Empire: Firearms of the British Soldier, 1837-1987; Guns of the Reich: Firearms of the German Forces, 1939-1945. The author for these is shown at amazon to be George Markham.

Like Walter's other books on firearms, this a technical (for some readers, dry) account, mentioning patent dates and numbers, and discussing model variants. The book is divided into four sections: an Introduction (pages 7 - 32) which gives an overview of American history in relation to firearms; The Handguns (33 - 83); The Longarms (85 - 152); The Shotguns (153 - 159). There are photos of firearms, along with technical drawings and catalog pages from the period, but there are also instances where a significant firearm is not given any illustration. This is not a picture book with accompanying text, but rather a textual reference with a selection of pictures.

The full Summary of Contents is too long to include, but here is the full contents for the sections on handguns and shotguns. The section on longarms is 4/3 the length of that on handguns.

The Handguns:
Cap-lock Colts, 1848-60
The true Deringer, 1848-70
North, Savage and Alsop guns, 1856-65
Cap-lock Remingtons, 1856-65
Cartridge derringers, 1857-66
Starrs and Whitneys, 1858-65
The New Model cap-lock Colts, 1860-73
Moore, National and Colt derringers, 1861-1912
Lesser military cap-lock revolvers of the Civil War
Lesser commercial cap-lock revolvers
Confederate revolvers
The first cartridge revolvers
Smith & Wesson infringements
Smith & Wesson evasions
Remington derringers, 1865-1917
Knuckle-dusters and Palm-squeezers, 1865-1906
Cartridge derringers, 1866-75
The Suicide Specials
Cartridge Remingtons, 1868-88
Commercial Hopkins & Allen revolvers, 1868-1915
The first cartridge Colts 1869-72
The Model No. 3 (American) Smith & Wesson, 1870-5
Russian Model Smith & Wessons, 1871-7
Colt pocket revolvers, 1871-93
Iver Johnson revolvers, 1871-93
Forehand & Wadsworth revolvers, 1872-1902
Solid-frame army Colts, 1873-1902
Commercial Colt Peacemakers, 1873-1917
Remington pocket revolvers, 1873-88
Schofield Smith & Wessons, 1873-82
Harrington & Richardson revolvers, 1874-1917
Military Remingtons, 1875-90
Merwin & Hulbert revolvers, 1876-96
Single-action Smith & Wessons, 1876-1911
Commercial double-action Colts, 1877-1909
Commercial double-action Smith & Wessons, 1880-1917
Hammerless Smith & Wessons, 1886-1917
Military swinging-cylinder Colts, 1889-1917
Commercial swinging-cylinder Colts, 1889-1917
Small-calibre double-action Colts, 1893-1917
Small-frame S&W Hand Ejectors, 1896-1917
The first auto-loading pistols, 1895-1900
Medium-frame S&W Hand Ejectors, 1899-1917
Military .38 Colt pistols, 1900-5
Commercial Colt pistols, 1900-17
Military .45 Colt pistols, 1905-17
Lesser auto-loading pistols, 1905-17
Large-frame S&W Hand Ejectors, 1908-17

The Shotguns:
The early repeaters, 1866-75
Single-barrel hammer guns, 1867-1917
Double-barrel hammer guns, 1874-1917
Slide-action guns, 1882-1917
Double-barrel hammerless guns, 1883-1917
Single-barrel hammerless guns, 1887-1917
Lever-action guns, 1887-1917
Auto-loading guns, 1905-1917

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