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Cannons An Introduction to Civil War Artillery

Cannons An Introduction to Civil War Artillery
Autor: Dean S. Thomas
Data publikacji: 1996-10-00
ISBN: 9780939631032
Wydawca: Thomas Publications
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 27.4 x 21.3 x 0.8 cm
Oprawa: miękka
Liczba stron: 72
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The concise guide to the weapons, ammunition and equipment of Civil War artillery. More than 150 photos and drawings.

Generously illustrated with both photographs and line drawings, Thomas’ book provides basic information about battery crews, the "anatomy" of cannons, limbers, and carriages (including the surprising fact that artillery batteries carried portable anvils for quick repairs in the field), the manufacture of both cannon and projectiles, and a typology of projectiles (solid shot, shell, case shot, canister, and grapeshot) as well as cannons, howitzers, rifles, and mortars.

What struck me especially about Thomas’ discussion is the vicious killiing power of Civil War artillery. Solid shell, when used against soldiers, was fired so as to ricochet for maximum physical and psychological effect. Case shot, canister, and grapeshot could rip apart not only individual soldiers but entire columns and files of men. And these weapons were used in unimaginable quantities. Thomas ends his book with a "Summary of Federal Purchases" of artillery. Between 1 January 1861 and 30 June 1866, for example, the army purchased slightly under 3 million projectiles for smoothbore guns, just over 3 million for rifled guns, 6.5 million pounds of grape and canister shot, almost 10 million pounds of cannon powder, and nearly 8 million pounds of mortar powder. Trying to translate these figures into an appreciation of what all this did to human bodies and hopes and families is impossible. But really: we ought always to try, lest we forget the true cost of war.

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