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Hundred Years Wars Castles, Vol. 1

Hundred Years Wars Castles, Vol. 1 Hundred Years Wars Castles, Vol. 1
Autor: Stephan Gondoin
Data publikacji: 2007-03-00
ISBN: 9782915239805
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 31.8 x 23.6 x 1.5 cm
Oprawa: twarda
Liczba stron: 128
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Opis produktu:

The Hundred Years War, 1337 to 1453, was the dynastic struggle between the French Capetians and the English Plantaganets and Lancastrians for the throne of a united France. It began as a series of raiding wars fought on French soil and developed into expeditionary wars fuelled by the territorial ambitions of a succession of English Kings, from Edward III to Henry V. This first volume in a new series of illustrated histories of medieval castles provides an in-depth guide to the main castles of the great Capetian kings, from Chateau Gaillard to the Castel de Coucy. The authors are both specialist historians and 3-D illustrators at the peak of their craft. This book represents the product of years of their research and detailed work. Illustrated in full colour throughout, it includes 3-D computer-generated reconstructions of the castles, battle scenes. This (and the subsequent volumes) will provide a complete reinterpretation of the classification of the medieval castle.

This is the first volume in a fully-illustrated new series devoted to medieval castles. Following a chronological plan, this in-depth sequence on medieval military architecture should help to reestablish a typology of the castle.

Volume I deals with the main castles of the great Capetians, from Chateau Gaillard to castel de Coucy .Stephane Gondoin and Cyril Castellant are not only specialist historians in their field, but also 3-D illustrators at the peak of their art.This book is the culmination of a huge amount of knowledge acquired after years of research and studies.

Overall I consider this a very interesting book but with some minor reservations. Firstly some nitpicking. The copy I received does not resemble the advertised item beginning with the title on my copy "Hundred Years War Castles"(Fortresses)as opposed to the advertised "French Castles of the Hundred Years War". I had to check twice to make sure I had received the correct book. The Book cover itself is also completely different with a glossy photo of the Castle of Vitre as opposed to the illustrated Battle scene. This aside, I found the book to be very informative especially in distinguishing between the varying styles of regional castle building and in particular the machicolation say of Brittany when compared to that of the Loire Valley, Provence and the south of France in general. While there is a great 3D reconstruction (Several pages) of a castle in this volume it is the of only one present- that of the castle of Mehun-sur-Yevre at its peak of architectual developement - eat your heart out Walt Disney! The rest of the depictions are glossy photos, pen & ink drawings (Viollet le Duc reconstructions), a few maps and numerous but not absolutely detailed floor plans. A detailed bibliography for further reading is included (Most of it in french!)and many handy internet links including the authors own webpage where there are further 3D reconstructions.


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