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Ancient & Medieval Wargaming

Ancient & Medieval Wargaming
Autor: Neil Thomas
Data publikacji: 2007-06-00
ISBN: 9780750945721
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 24.8 x 17.2 x 2.2 cm
Oprawa: miękka
Liczba stron: 288
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W przypadku braku książki w magazynie, czas realizacji zamówienia może wynieść 3-6 tygodni.
Opis produktu:

Re-fight some of the bloodiest battles of the ancient and medieval worlds! Seasoned wargamer and author Neil Thomas brings historical perspective to the hobby with a description and interpretation of significant military developments from 3,000BC to AD1500. Wargaming is the simulation of accurate historical battles using miniature figures to fight over three dimensional terrain, their movement and combat being regulated by clearly defined rules. Neil Thomas' new book provides specific coverage of ancient and medieval wargaming, thanks to its division into biblical, classical, Dark Age and medieval sections. Each section has its own set of rules and much expanded army lists. The wargamer gains additional perspective from data panels containing facts about weaponry, personalities and chroniclers, and quotations from original document sources. Useful suggestions for further reading are also included, while battle reports in each section provide tactical insights for both novice and veteran wargamers.

University and college lecturer Neil Thomas was introduced to wargaming as a twelve year-old. He is the author of Wargaming: A Introduction (2005). Neil lives in Orpington, Kent.

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