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British Enfield Rifles, Vol. 1, SMLE (No.1) Mk I and Mk III

British Enfield Rifles, Vol. 1, SMLE (No.1) Mk I and Mk III
Autor: Charles R. Stratton
Data publikacji: 2009-05
ISBN: 9781882391165
Wydawca: North Cape Publications
Język: angielski
Oprawa: miękka
Liczba stron: 162
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Opis produktu:

Charles Stratton has done an admirable job in The Enfield Rifle, Vol. 1, The SMLE (No.1) Mk I and Mk III, of organizing information about a complicated subject. The very clear and understandable text plus concise line drawings and easy-to-understand charts make it possible for the collector and shooter to know the SMLE rifle thoroughly. Charles Stratton's also provides a thorough history of the development of the SMLE and decipher's the often mysterious inspection, store keeper's and unit identification markings found on complete rifles, but also on each individual part. Charts, text, line drawings and photos show the collector and arms historian how to determine the origin and age of each part as well as the overall rifle. He decodes all the markings and relates then to specific arsenals.
Collectors and shooters will find all the information needed to understand the origins of this fine military rifle, determine its duty stations in many instances and assemble, disassemble (no mean trick) and maintain it in this book. 

Charles (Skip) Stratton is well known amongst gun collectors for his articles on collecting Lee Enfields. I was interested to discover that he had published books on collecting Lee Enfields. His books is aimed (no pun) specifically at the collector whom needs to know how to pull the bolt apart and to put it back together again, without wandering into the sphere and expertice of an armourer. Stratton makes no attempt to explain how to undertake tasks best left to a gunsmith or amourer. By reading this book a collector will be able to say recognise the difference between an early and late production nose cap.

A positive feature of his works is that the text is supported by very clear uncluttered line drawings that reveal more detail than what a photograph would do. Even swivel screws have their own illustrations showing the difference between the first and second variations.

The book is written in a logical direct manner, and initially starts with how to identify the place of production, the range of serial numbers for each year and what various stampings on wood and metal indicate. Australian and other Commonwealth collectors must be mindful that collectors in the United States may not instantly appreciate that VR means Victoria Regina and not Vancouver Rifles.

The authors success is in my opinion is due to his setting out to do one thing, make a great hand book for collectors that anticipates the questions a collector will ask.

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