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Doomed at the Start: American Pursuit Pilots in the Philippines, 1941-1942

Doomed at the Start: American Pursuit Pilots in the Philippines, 1941-1942
Autor: William H. Bartsch, Herbert Ellis
Data publikacji: 1995-09
ISBN: 9780890966792
Wydawca: Texas A&M University Press
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 15.9 x 3.3 x 22.9 cm
Oprawa: miękka
Liczba stron: 520
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Opis produktu:

This book is one you will not want to put down. The situation faced by the pursuit pilots, their equipment, and ground crews points out dramatically how the U.S. was unprepared for WWII. Incredible reported incidences of P-40 pilots bailing out of their aircraft prior to combat so they would not have to go against the Zero and training tables for the pilots so they could eat horded food to have enough energy to fly are included. This book describes in detail the everyday occurrence of heroism in the worst of circumstances. Many of the descriptions come from interviewing people who were there. While digesting these amazing stories, you are constantly aware that, for most of the participants, the best they can hope for is surviving the rest of the war in a Japanese prison camp. The contrast between the situation in the Phillipines and P-40 tactics in China are analyzed at the end. I am reading this book again and including the footnotes at the back in the next reading. Steven Spielberg, this is your next movie!

During the first three days of the Japanese assault on American Pacific bases in December of 1941, the 24th Pursuit Group, the only unit of interceptor aircraft in the Philippine Islands, was almost destroyed as an effective force. Yet the group's pilot, doomed from the start by their limited training, an inadequate air warning system, and lack of familiarity with the few flyable pursuit aircraft they had left, fought on against immensely superior numbers of Japanese army and navy fighters.

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